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Control & Optimization

Boyd, Candes, Duchi, El Gamal, Glynn, Goldsmith, Johari, Lall, Ousterhout, Pavone, Pilanci, Prabhakar, Rajagopal, Sadigh, Tse, Van Roy, Wetzstein, Wootters, Ye, Zou

Optimal design and engineering systems operation methodology is applied to things like integrated circuits, vehicles and autopilots, energy systems (storage, generation, distribution, and smart devices), wireless networks, and financial trading. Optimization is also widely used in signal processing, statistics, and machine learning as a method for fitting parametric models to observed data. Examples include:

  • Languages and solvers for convex optimization,
  • Distributed convex optimization,
  • Robotics,
  • Smart grid algorithms,
  • Learning via low rank models,
  • Approximate dynamic programming,
  • Methods for sparse signal recovery,
  • Dynamic game theory,
  • Control theory,
  • Decentralized control,
  • Imaging systems.


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