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Biomedical Devices, Sensors & Systems

Arbabian, Boahen, Chichilnisky, de la Zerda, Dutton, Fan, Ganguli, Goldsmith, Harris, Hesselink, Horowitz, Howe, Khuri-Yakub, Levin, Mitra, Murmann, Nuyujukian, Poon, Shenoy, Soh, Solgaard, Vuckovic, Wang, Wong, Xing

Biological properties can be measured and altered using electronics, magnetics, photonics, sensors, circuits, and algorithms. Applications range from basic biological science to clinical medicine, and enable new discoveries, diagnoses, and treatments by creating novel circuits, devices, systems, and analyses. Examples include:

  • Measuring molecular concentrations
  • Measuring and altering activity of electrically-excitable cells such as neurons
  • Building implantable bio-sensors, bio-stimulators, and closed-loop delivery systems
  • Brain-machine interfaces
  • On-chip imaging and sensing
  • Photonic systems for in vivo imaging
  • DNA synthesis and sequencing
  • Nucleic acid synthesis, sequencing and analysis
  • THz and differential phase contrast x-ray imaging
  • Wireless sensing and powering
  • Constructing low-cost devices for point-of-care medical applications
  • Designing new algorithms and systems for early cancer screening and detection

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H. Tom Soh

H. Tom Soh Professor

Pkd 361 (9510)

Corbett, Dashiell Administrator

Packard 365 (9510)

Olav Solgaard

Olav Solgaard Professor

Spilker 315 (4088)

Peterman, Yurika Administrator

Spilker 206 (4088)

Jelena Vuckovic

Jelena Vuckovic Professor

Spilker 209 (4088)

Rieko Sasaki Administrator

Spilker 306 (4088)

Shan X. Wang

Shan X. Wang Professor

McC 351 (4045)

Pacheco, Nuvia Administrator

McCullough 333 (4045)

H.-S. Philip Wong

H.-S. Philip Wong Professor

Allen 312X (4075)

Barrera, Fely Administrator

Allen 332X (4075)