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Information Systems & Science

Research in IS focuses on the development and application of mathematical models, techniques, and algorithms for information processing, broadly construed. In addition to work on the core disciplines of information theory and coding, control and optimization, signal processing, and learning and inference, IS research spans several application areas, including biomedical imaging, wireless communications and networks, multimedia communications, Internet, energy systems, transportation systems, and financial systems. Much of this research is interdisciplinary and involves faculty and students from other departments across the university.


Information Systems and Science Sub-Areas:

Bio-Medical Imaging

Faculty in this sub-area develop a broad range of imaging technologies, from devices to systems, for biomedical applications ranging from microscopy to whole-body imaging.

Control and Optimization

This sub-area focuses on the application of controls and optimization to efficient generation and transmission of electrical energy. Examples of this research include:

  • Green networks that minimize network energy consumption while continuing to improve performance.
  • Networked co-generation systems using solar and flex fuel for home and small business use.
  • Research includes transmission and switching in optical, wireless and copper networks across in-building, access, metro, and wide-area network domains.

Information Theory, Communication, and Coding

Remote Sensing

Signal Processing

Faculty in this sub-area conduct research in applications and technology, including systems, signal processing, and analysis for studying the environment. This often includes new sensors and systems for measuring aspects of energy and energy usage, climate and climate change, Earth's hydrologic and carbon cycles, water resources, and oil and gas exploration and extraction.

Smart Grids


Active Faculty:

Nick BambosStephen Boyd, Abbas El GamalJohn GillBernd GirodAndrea Goldsmith, Sachin KattiLeonid Kazovsky, Sanjay Lall, Andrea MontanariDwight Nishimura, Brad Osgood, Ayfer Özgür, John Pauly, Balaji PrabhakarFouad TobagiBen Van RoyTsachy Weissman, Howard Zebker