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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

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Electrical Engineering Department News

E.g., 2020-09
January 2017
The System Prototyping Facility (SPF) is a new service center where electronic system boards and customized chips can be made-to-order. It is jointly operated by Stanford’s School of Engineering and the National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC).
January 2017
Congratulations to our outstanding staff! This month, four staff are recognized for their extraordinary work.
January 2017
The awards highlight “the key role that the administration places in encouraging and accelerating American innovation to grow our economy and tackle our greatest challenges."
January 2017
Making its official debut this month, the new ExFab is a space where ideas are made into functioning devices.
Amin Arbabian
January 2017
His team will develop a root imaging system where ultrasonic signals from roots are generated by radio signals and then recorded by a novel sensor array.
December 2016
Recognized for contributions to cryptography and computer security, and to transactional memory and data center architecture.
November 2016
The award's citation reads, "For inspirational education of students and researchers in the theory and application of optimization."
November 2016
“For contributions to optical micro-electro-mechanical devices and systems for sensing, communications and displays."
November 2016
Congratulations to our outstanding staff! This month, three staff are recognized for their extraordinary work.
November 2016
Packard's lab64 is open 24/7 – all majors are welcome!


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