prof Caroline Trippel
Caroline Trippel receives prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Her research award will focus on "Scalable assurance via verifiable hardware-software contracts."


PhD candidate Constantin Dory
PhD candidate Constantin Dory wins 2019 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Constantin is one of ten North American doctoral students recognized for their great accomplishments.


prof Dan Boneh
Dan Boneh and team find relying on AI is more likely to make your code buggier

Their study examined how users interact with an AI Code assistant to solve a variety of security related tasks across different programming languages.


prof Ada Poon
Ada Poon's research helped develop a system that could remove deadly brain tumors

Researchers can target tumors of different sizes and brain locations by adjusting the power and wavelength of light.


Asir I. Khan, EE PhD Candidate
Asir I. Khan receives two awards at the 2022 MRS Fall Meeting

Asir received both the Graduate Student Gold Winner and Best Student Presenter Award.


Xiangjin Wu - best paper NVMTS
Xiangjin Wu receives Best Poster Award

His poster is titled, "Understanding Ultralow Resistance Drift in Superlattice Phase Change Memory."


prof Nick Mckeown
Nick McKeown to be inducted into National Academy of Inventors

Election as an Academy Fellow is the highest professional distinction awarded to academic inventors.


prof Srabanti Chowdhury
Srabanti Chowdhury’s Wide-Bandgap Lab creates diamond layer to keep transistors cool

Her Wide-Bandgap Lab demonstrated a heat-wicking layer on the top and sides of transistors.


Close-up of the chip-scale isolator. (Image credit: Hannah Kleidermacher)
Jelena Vučković's lab is making headlines with their nanoscale laser isolator

Using well-known materials and manufacturing processes, researchers have built an effective, passive, ultrathin laser isolator that opens new research avenues in photonics.


prof Ram Rajagopal
What will it take to go solar?

Rewarding customers based on how much solar they produce, or tax rebates for installing residential solar power?