Stanford EE group featured on BBC World News Horizons

BBC's Adam Shaw with Ada Poon. Courtesy of BBC World News.
November 2013

On an episode of BBC World News Horizons focusing on ways engineering and medicine work together to tackle illness and disease, Stanford Electrical Engineering Professor Ada Poon and her team discuss their groundbreaking research in this area with reporter Adam Shaw.

The show, which aired Nov. 16-17, 2013 (GMT), featured Poon’s use of cell phone technology to develop a new generation of implanted robotic and medical devices. Her group’s revolutionary prototype device is powered and controlled by radio waves generated outside of the body, and the devices are small enough to move through a patient's bloodstream. They hope these miniature chips can eventually be directed to specific organs such as the heart, where they can measure and feedback accurate information on biological functions.

The episode, titled "Technobody," is currently available online at (Poon's group is featured in Part 3).

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