DiscoverEE Days 2014 Research Poster Session Winners

DiscoverEE Days poster session
March 2014

Twenty-nine current Electrical Engineering graduate students recently presented their latest research posters at DiscoverEE Days – an annual welcome for newly admitted EE PhD students.

Students from all three EE research areas were invited to present, and the best poster in each area received a "best poster" award provided by the EE Student Life Committee. Posters were judged by a small group of EE and SoE faculty and staff based on four categories: research originality, importance and potential impact; content (explanation of concepts, results and insights); oral presentation; and visual quality.

Following are the winners of the poster presentation and honorable mentions in each category, and the winning posters will be on display in the Packard Atrium March 24-28:

Hardware/Software Systems

Winner: Gage Hills, "Rapid Co-optimization of Processing and Circuit Design to Overcome Carbon Nanotube Variations"

Honorable Mention: Mahmoud Saadat, "A Closed-loop Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Sub-mW Energy Harvesting Applications"

Honorable Mention: Hyungmin Cho, "Quantitative Evaluation of Soft Error Injection Techniques for Robust System Design"

Information Systems & Science

Winner: Alexandros Manolakos & Mainak Chowdhury, "Robust Design and Performance of a Noncoherent SIMO System using Energy Measurements"

Winner: Ka-Kit Lam, "Near-optimal Assembly for Shotgun Sequencing with Noisy Reads"

Honorable Mention: David Chen, "Memory-Efficient Image Databases for Mobile Visual Search"

Physical Technology & Science

Winner: Max Shulaker, "Carbon Nanotube Computer: Transforming Scientific Discoveries into Working Systems"

Honorable Mention: Amal El-Ghazaly, "Post-Fabrication Voltage Control and Redirection of Magnetic Anisotropy"

Honorable Mention: Feifei Lian, "Thermal and Electrical Transport in Monodispersed Carbon Nanotube Films"

Honorable Mention: Sam Emaminejad, "Applications of Ultra Dielectrophoresis for Microfluidic Sample Preparation and Proteomics"