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EE Staff Awards, August ‘18

August 2018

Congratulations to the four Electrical Engineering staff recognized this month for their outstanding effort! Included are Doug Chaffee, John DeSilva, Kenny Green and Kara Marquez.

Each of them received nominations from peers, faculty and/or students who included descriptions of the staff member's professionalism that goes above and beyond their everyday roles.

Staff gift card recipients make profound and positive impact in the department's everyday work and academic environment. Consider nominating a staff member today.


Join us in congratulating Doug, John, Kenny and Kara for their extraordinary work!

Modified excerpts from their nominations follow.

Doug Chaffee, Faculty Administrator

  • Doug is very friendly and helped me settle in. I appreciate his support with reimbursements, answering questions, and chatting!
  • "He's very helpful and prompt. He always makes sure everything runs smoothly."

John DeSilva, Systems and Network Manager

  • "John always has options to solve any problem –– and he always follows up on the status."
  • He has greatly improved our lab's productivity by upgrading our internet speed and adding new computers.

Kenny Green, Building Manager

  • He is a tremendous resource -– quickly solving problems and providing support.
  • "Kenny can be relied on to always have a solution, and he goes about everything in a calm and capable manner."

Kara Marquez, Faculty Administrator

  • "Kara's ability to really listen and understand what is needed is terrific. She keeps things moving forward."
  • She is always willing to help resolve unforeseen issues — which can be frustrating for her, but is greatly appreciated!

The Staff Gift Card Bonus Program is sponsored by the School of Engineering. Each year, the EE department receives several gift cards to distribute to staff members who are recognized for going above and beyond their role. Each month, staff are chosen from nominations received from faculty, students, and staff. Past nominations are eligible for future months.


Nominate a deserving staff person or group today – nominate individuals or groups that have made a profound improvement in your daily work life. Each recipient receives a $50 Visa card. Nominations can be made at any time.