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June 2014 Staff Gift Card Program Awardees

July 2014

Two staff members each received a $50 Visa card in recognition of their extraordinary efforts as part of the department’s 2014 Staff Gift Card Bonus Program. The EE department received new nominations in June, and previous nominations were also considered.

Following are June’s gift card recipients and some of the comments from their nominators:

Doug Chaffee, Administrative Associate

  • "It's not one thing that Doug did, it's the collection. Doug is extremely resourceful about getting everything done seamlessly."
  • "He understands the bottom line of my group's needs, and how to get to it most efficiently. A true enabler. My bandwidth for research and teaching has increased significantly since I started working with him."

John DeSilva, Systems and Network Manager

  • "John is always available and willing to help no matter if it is an IT issue or a department function. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated IT person."
  • "He's a big-picture thinker that keeps everyone calm during difficult situations; an invaluable team member."

The School of Engineering once again gave the EE department several gift cards to distribute to staff members who are recognized for going above and beyond. More people will be recognized next month, and past nominations will still be eligible for future months. EE faculty, staff and students are welcome to nominate a deserving staff person by visiting

Doug Chaffee  John DeSilva