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EE Staff Awards, April ‘21

April's outstanding EE staff!
April 2021

Congratulations to these outstanding staff: Thomas Carlson, Marisa Cheng, Julie Kline, Kara Marquez, Edwin Mendoza, and Denise Murphy!

They received nominations from faculty, staff and students, who appreciate their commitment and willingness to go above and beyond the ordinary. Excerpts from their nominations are below.

Our staff gift card recipients make profound and positive impact in the electrical engineering department's everyday work and academic environment. Please take a moment to congratulate them personally.


Thomas Carlson, System and Network Development Management/System Administrator/Developer

  • Thomas is very helpful, knowledgeable, and easy going.
  • He always provides first class IT support.

Marisa Cheng, Academic Affairs & Programs Administrator

  • Marisa always works extremely hard; during COVID, she adapted all our course changes superbly.
  • She shines like a star!

Julie Kline, Faculty Administrator

  • Julie is highly responsive and consistent in dealing with a myriad of tasks.
  • She communicates extremely well and is a joy to work with.

Kara Marquez, Faculty Administrator

  • Kara's vast knowledge and resourcefulness helps us stay organized and deal with any issues.
  • Our lab group knows that we are very fortunate to work with her.

Edwin Mendoza, Faculty & Staff Affairs Administrator

  • Edwin is incredibly detail-oriented and thorough; he always provides all supporting documents, which saves tons of time.
  • He also has taken the initiative to transition to new updates and guidelines, ensuring smooth running for the department.

Denise Murphy, Faculty & Staff Affairs Manager

  • Even during COVID, Denise has been her usual, unflappable self. More than once she has made herself available to spontaneously join meetings to talk about various topics.
  • She always does a great job getting people together and learning about one another. I miss interacting with her in person, but I always look forward to seeing her via Zoom.


The Staff Gift Card Bonus Program is sponsored by the School of Engineering. Each year, the EE department receives several gift cards to distribute to staff members who have been recognized for going above and beyond their role. Staff are chosen from nominations received from faculty, students, and staff. Past nominations are eligible for future months.

Nominate a deserving staff person today. Each recipient receives a $50 Amazon gift card. Nominations can be made at any time. There are no restrictions on the quantity or persons that you can nominate!

Submitters are asked to include a citation of how the person went above and beyond. The submitter can choose to remain anonymous. Nominate now


image of April's EE staff awardees

*Some photos were taken from our photo library and are pre-Covid.