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Staff Gift Card Program Awardees

March 2016

The Staff Gift Card Program awarded four staff members a $50 Visa card. Nominations were submitted recognizing each of them for their professional contributions that are above and beyond their everyday roles. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate individuals or groups that have made a profound improvement in their daily work life.


Please congratulate the awardees listed below with excerpts from their nominations.

John DeSilva, Systems & Network Manager, EE

  • "He's really proactive; letting us know about potential issues. John always makes himself available, and is quick to solve the problem."
  • "His knowledge and upbeat attitude make him pleasure to work with."

Marsha Dillon, Executive Assistant to the Chair, EE

  • "Marsha's ability to troubleshoot and work through projects of all kinds is truly appreciated!"
  • "Her thoroughness is a great asset."

Megan Hagquist, Research and Financial Administrator, ERA

  • "Megan has made great strides towards improving the efficiency of aspects of our work."
  • "She is truly a wonderful addition to our group!"

Emily Wang, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, EE

  • "Emily works extremely well with everyone and consistently performs in an outstanding fashion."
  • "She has been instrumental in supporting the department with our admissions system."


The Staff Gift Card Bonus Program is sponsored by the School of Engineering. Each year, the EE department receives several gift cards to distribute to staff members who are recognized for going above and beyond their role. Each month, staff are chosen from nominations received from faculty, students, and staff. Past nominations are eligible for future months. Nominate a deserving staff person today!