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Amy Duncan, EE Degree Progress Officer, received the 2015 SoE Service Award

Amy Duncan, EE Degree Progress Officer, received the 2015 SoE Service Award
March 2015

Amy Duncan received the 2015 School of Engineering Service Award on March 12th. The School of Engineering Service Award recognizes Good Samaritan, customer service and collaboration/interdisciplinary contributions. Staff work hard to support the School of Engineering's teaching and research mission. Formally recognizing outstanding contributions is done annually at the Staff Service Awards Ceremony.

Amy Duncan is the Degree Progress Officer for the Electrical Engineering (EE) department. As the largest academic department at Stanford, EE also boasts the largest student body, with more than 1,000 students. From Bachelor Degree to Doctorate, Amy oversees each student's progress, and subsequently, is the sole person called upon to support students struggling to make adequate progress. She listens to and understands their unique set of needs, working with them as individuals to develop a plan for taking steps toward completing their program. Amy's patience, focus and experience is evident in every encounter she has, whether it be the myriad of "exceptions and what ifs" from students during orientation, to "quick" questions asked in the hallways of the Packard Building.

Amy works tirelessly to clarify degree requirements. She revamped the student handbook, unraveling and simplifying the oft complex and nuanced process, making it possible for students to understand and establish their degree status with confidence. Amy's skill in proactively managing the largest student body on campus is unparalleled.

Congratulations and thanks to Amy Duncan for her tremendous work within EE!