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Stanford well represented in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

January 2014

Several Stanford-affiliated students, faculty and alumni were selected as members of this year's Forbes 30 under 30 lists, which highlights young thought leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists in 15 disciplines. Of those listed, three are members of the Electrical Engineering community. 

Tracy Chou, 26
Software engineer, Pinterest

Chou is a rising-star software engineer working on a mix of product, platform and infrastructure at Pinterest. Before Pinterest, Chou turned down an offer from Facebook to become the second engineer hired at Quora. She interned at both Facebook and Google and was a Mayfield Fellow at Stanford. She holds a BS in electrical engineering and an MS in computer science from Stanford. 

Adam de la Zerda, 29
Assistant Professor, Departments of Structural Biology and (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering, School of Medicine, Stanford

Here’s a crazy idea: Use sound waves to image the body at the molecular level. De la Zerda, who may be the youngest faculty member at the School of Medicine at Stanford, is making it work, using the technology to take pictures of brain tumors, blood and living mice. His early efforts led to a startup, OcuBell, focused on eye disease. 

Darren Hau, 20 (listed with Daniel Maren and Andrew Ponec)
Cofounders, Dragonfly Systems

Dragonfly Systems is working to make solar panel systems cheaper, more efficient and reliable. “We’ve completely redesigned an often-overlooked component, the junction box, in a way that streamlines installation and improves reliability while boosting power output,” says Maren. The trio, who have postponed completion of their bachelor’s degrees at Stanford, have gotten interest from the likes of SunPower and Altenergy, which are eager to try it out.