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REU Seminar

Engineering Consulting: Strategies to Solve Tough Engineering Problems
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 10:00am to 11:00am
AllenX Auditorium
Adam Sorini and Ed Fei (Exponent, Inc.)
Abstract / Description: 

The REU Seminar Series is an educational and developmental opportunity for REU participants. Attendance at the seminars is required for all REU interns. Speakers will discuss their research or work, provide educational and career advice, and share their knowledge with you. There will be a questions and answer period at the end of each talk. Light refreshments are provided at each seminar. If you believe you may need accommodations during the seminar series, please contact us at so that we may find a way to accommodate your needs.

In many industries, engineering consultants are hired to solve challenging technical problems that cannot be solved in-house. But what exactly does this process involve, and how do these professionals find a solution to these problems? In this talk, Dr. Adam Sorini and Dr. Ed Fei will give an overview of the engineering consulting profession and Exponent Inc, the largest engineering consulting firm in the world. The talk will also cover interesting examples of real cases from the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science group, and outline various approaches to researching and solving technical problems.