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Next Generation Cybersecurity in the Enterprise

Next Generation Cybersecurity in the Enterprise
Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 6:00pm
Danny Kim
Abstract / Description: 

The whack-a-mole approach to security is not working; we needed to change the mindset from following the attacker to following the code: the root to solving the security problem is preventing unauthorized code from attackers or other third-parties from running on applications. Protecting the integrity of an application, in real-time, is becoming a minimum requirement to ensuring the security of every enterprise. But how? When implementing real-time application monitoring policies, there are typically two major pain points: policy creation and policy maintenance and flexibility. This session will detail different approaches about how to tackle these pain points to provide the next-generation of application security. Specifically, the talk will dive into the question of how to monitor an application at runtime protecting it against fileless attacks while doing so in a practical manner. The next- generation of application runtime security needs to be deterministic, yet flexible enough to adapt the real-time behavior of the application.

Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Information Theory Society
Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society

Bio: Danny Kim is a Principal Architect at Virsec. After graduating with his Ph.D. in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland, Danny was looking for a company that had a truly disruptive approach to application security. His Ph.D. work focused on detecting malicious applications through the combination of application control-flow manipulation and machine learning. Through this work, as well as his time at Microsoft on the OS security development team, he developed a deep understanding of the way that applications should behave. He used his knowledge to pivot from detecting malicious applications to protecting benign ones with the same technology. After joining Virsec, Danny helped develop and productize Virsec's patented application memory protection. Utilizing his academic background in security, he combines sound theoretical approaches with practical implementation to help push Virsec's product to the top of the security market.