lab64 workshop: Mechanical How-To

Mechanical How-To Session
Monday, October 2, 2017 - 7:30pm
lab64 (Packard 064)
Abstract / Description: 


This session will focus on a couple of things:

  • Getting access to Solidworks
    • using it locally (on your very own machine)
    • using it remotely (on one of the lab's servers, and, YES, even on a Mac with Remote Desktop) (if you plan to attend and need help loading it on your machine, please let Steve Clark know so that that is complete by Monday afternoon.)
  • Importing a PCB assy
  • Looking at a .STEP file (Teensy 3.6) - What they look like on Github
  • Importing a .STEP file for further use (Arduino Uno 'cause it has mounting holes that we'll use)
  • Generating dimension planes (to make sure the board clearance is correct)
  • Using 3D sketch tools to outline an enclosure
  • Learning what to take into consideration when designing an enclosure
    • parting lines
    • fasteners (YES, imported right from McMaster-Carr and used for design constraints)
    • how to get holes to line up
  • Once you are done, preparing to 3D print the enclosure


This should be tons of fun and save lots of time and effort when you go to work on your projects.

This is Session 1; there will be 6 -7 sessions in all and we hope to get as far as building a simple robotic arm. You can attend any or all of these workshops.