EE 292X (CEE 292X) Battery Systems for Transportation and Grid Services - Poster Session

Student Poster Session, EE 292X (CEE 292X)
Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 3:30pm
Packard Atrium
Abstract / Description: 

Project poster session spanning a very broad range of topics from battery technology and modeling to applications to transportation and the grid.

You are welcome to come and meet our students and learn about their amazing work.

List of EE/CEE 292X projects:
1. Voltage sensing separator for battery fast charging
2. Equivalent circuit models for lithium ion batteries under EV drive cycles
3. Machine learning based models for lithium ion batteries
4. Characterizing error in linear battery dynamics model
5. Homogenized thermal runaway model in Li-ion cells
6. Battery pack design for thermal runaway prevention
7. Smart lithium ion battery pack for small-scale UAV applications
8. Battery-aware intelligence for autonomous robot navigation
9. Battery modeling to optimize range and cycle life for electric aircraft
10. Mileage prediction based on driving profiles
11. Data-driven system modeling of Stanford EV buses
12. Empirical trends in energy consumption of electric buses
13. Quantifying load impact from autonomous electric TNC fleets
14. Data-driven placement of charging station locations
15. Charging station locations via agent based simulation
16. Battery design for resilient decentralized wastewater treatment
17. Low cost, temperature robust batteries for farm applications
18. Battery charge controller for small scale off-grid wind
19. Techno-economic feasibility of a hybrid storage system for a university campus
20. Distributed vs grid scale storage systems for future EV charging stations
21. Ancillary services with vehicle to grid charging
22. Quantifying 2nd life EV battery value for grid applications