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Workshop in Biostatistics presents "Sex, Drugs and Radiomics of Brain Cancer"

image of Chiara Sabatti at 2018 DBDS Symposium, courtesy of Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover Photography" title="Chiara Sabatti attends 2018 DBDS Symposium, courtesy of Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover Photography
Sex, Drugs and Radiomics of Brain Cancer
Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 2:30pm
Prof. Kristin Swanson (Neurosurgery Mayo Clinic)
Abstract / Description: 

Glioblastoma are notoriously aggressive, malignant primary brain tumors that have variable response to treatment. This presentation will focus on the integrative role of 1) biological sex-differences, 2) heterogeneity in drug-delivery and 3) intra-tumoral molecular diversity (revealed by radiomics) in capturing and predicting this variable response to treatment. Specifically, I will highlight burgeoning insights into sex differences in tumor incidence, outcomes, propensity and response to therapy. I will further, quantify the degree to which heterogeneity in drug delivery, even for drugs that are able to bypass the blood-brain barrier, contributes to differences in treatment response. Lastly, I will propose an integrative role for spatially resolved MRI-based radiomics models to reveal the intra-tumoral biological heterogeneity that can be used to guide treatment targeting and management.


Winter 2021 workshopw will be held remotely via Zoom. Contact Katie Kanagawa ( for Zoom dial-in details.