Workshop in Biostatistics presents "The Challenges and Benefits of Diversity in Data"

The Challenges and Benefits of Diversity in Data
Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 1:30pm
Medical School Office Building (MSOB), Rm x303
Andrew Peterson, MedGenome
Abstract / Description: 

A problem that has received attention in recent years is that genetic data is heavily and disproportionately based towards individuals of European origin. Equally apparent upon consideration is that data on disease incidence, progression and treatment outcomes is heavily biased towards that coming from North American and European health care delivery systems. Why would we want to change this situation and bring more diversity into the data that we have available for improving health outcomes and treatment options? If it is a problem that should be solved, what are the barriers to solving it? Finally what are the data analysis challenges that arise as we normalize the contributors to available data.

Suggested Readings:

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