The Vision and AI Startup Landscape: Dispatches from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines [SystemX Seminar]

The Vision and AI Startup Landscape: Dispatches from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines
Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 4:30pm
Huang 018
Chris Rowen (SystemX; Cognite Ventures)
Abstract / Description: 

No recent technology trend has attracted as much hype as deep neural networks. Thousands of startups have attached themselves to the AI wave, chasing opportunities for new cloud applications for business and social media, new system platforms like self-driving cars, and new silicon platforms. In this talk, we deconstruct the major technologies and end-system functions and examine what startups and applications are most likely to succeed, where entrepreneurship is thriving, and how deep learning innovations in real-time voice and vision, in convolutional, recurrent and generative network structures, and in new high-efficiency neural processor architectures are likely to shape future systems.


Dr. Chris is a well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technologist, now head of the deep learning investment effort, Cognite Ventures and advisor to the Stanford SystemX Alliance . He has recently served as CTO for Cadence's IP Group. Chris joined Cadence after its acquisition of Tensilica, the company he founded to develop extensible processors. He led Tensilica as CEO and later, CTO, to become one of the leading embedded architectures. Chris also was a pioneer in developing RISC architecture and helped found MIPS Computer Systems, where he was VP of Microprocessor Development. He holds an MSEE and PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford and a BA in physics from Harvard. He holds more than 40 US and international patents. He was named an IEEE Fellow in 2015 for his work in development of microprocessor technology.