US-ATMC (EE402T) Seminar

Panel Discussion - What Asia Means for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 4:30pm
Skilling Auditorium
Dr. David Brunner (ModuleQ), Buck Gee (Ascend), and Jeonghee Jin (Vingle)
Abstract / Description: 

Our panel of three Stanford alumni provide diverse perspectives into the ways in which Asian economies will play a part in the future of Silicon Valley: as important markets, as sources of new businesses for the U.S., and as sources of leaders for the next generation of innovation. Will increasing ease of communications and data transfer lead to more internationally distributed startups? What are the leadership challenges for Asians and Asian Americans in the future of the Valley? How can Silicon Valley keep up, as Asia economies become more robust in generating globally focused startups?

Public welcome : no RSVP necessary : light refreshments

Over the course of our 9 week public seminar series, we will explore the most recent trends, patterns, and challenges of entrepreneurship in Asia and their relevance to Silicon Valley and the U.S. Guest speakers include entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, and other experts on the current entrepreneurial ecosystems of major Asia economies.