US-ATMC (EE402) Seminar presents Robosion: The Software Platform for Lifelike Humanoids

Robosion: The Software Platform for Lifelike Humanoids
Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 4:30pm
Skilling Auditorium, 494 Lomita Mall
Yohei Iwasaki, Co-Founder & CEO, (Robosion, Inc.)
Abstract / Description: 

The upcoming series features presentations by distinguished guest speakers from industry about practical innovations from Asia related to the use of artificial intelligence in smart physical systems, e.g. smart buildings, autonomous vehicles, drone fleets, supply chain management, smart manufacturing, etc


Yohei Iwasaki is Co-Founder & CEO of Robosion, Inc., a software platform to make robots lifelike. Prior to Robosion, Yohei served as Vice President and Country Manager of Kurion, a technology company delivering nuclear waste management to the Fukushima power plant and high-risk locations around the world. Under his leadership, Kurion was sold to Veolia for over $350 million in 2016. Prior to Kurion, Yohei was Co-Founder and CEO of mOasis, a Silicon Valley company converting marginal land to farm land by increasing crop yield with a proprietary gel-like water absorbent material. Yohei received an MBA from Stanford in 2010 and MS in Environment and Resources in 2011.