Trends in Leading Edge Silicon Devices

image of Dick James (Chipworks)
Trends in Leading Edge Silicon Devices
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 4:15pm to 5:30pm
Huang 018
Dick James (Chipworks)
Abstract / Description: 

A review of transistor structures from recent advanced logic processes, and data storage cells in the latest NAND flash and DRAM memories.

Dick James is a 40-plus year veteran of the semiconductor industry and the Senior Technology Analyst for Chipworks, an Ottawa, Canada-based specialty technical intelligence company. Chipworks analyses a broad range of electronic devices, giving Dick a unique overview of what technologies make it into the real world of semiconductor production.

 He graduated in 1971 with a Master’s degree in Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices from the University of Southampton in England, after gaining a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry from the University of Salford. He has spent over 40 years working in the process development, design, manufacturing, packaging and reverse engineering of semiconductor devices. He joined the Chipworks team in March 1995 as Manager of Microstructural Characterization, and is currently Senior Fellow/Technology Analyst, acting as an internal and external consultant to Chipworks staff and customers, dealing with the microstructural characterization and process analysis of devices. Prior to Chipworks, Dick worked for Philips Semiconductor (then Mullard Ltd.) in the UK, Northern Telecom in Ottawa, and the Canada Revenue Agency.