SystemX Seminar presents "Making mm-Waves: Simulation for Antenna Design of 5G Systems and Autonomous Vehicles"

Making mm-Waves: Simulation for Antenna Design of 5G Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 4:30pm
Bldg. 380 Rm. 380X
Jason Bommer (ANSYS)
Abstract / Description: 

Millimeter wave (mm-wave) antennas are finding numerous application spaces in communications and sensing as the world around us continues to "electrify". 5G technology promises higher data rates and range achieved through beamforming and higher operating frequencies. Radar is enabling large scale autonomy on land, air and sea with high resolution imagery. Both applications rely on mm-wave antennas and share many design challenges and goals. In this lecture attendees will be introduced to a virtual prototyping and simulation process that enables full scale assessment of mm-wave antennas in their intended environment. Attendees will be introduced to simulation in ANSYS HFSS and various computational techniques including Finite Element Method, Integral Equation, and Shooting and Bouncing Rays. Using 5G and radar applications as examples, attendees will be exposed to hybridization techniques that enable not only optimal antenna design, but bottom-line performance assessment of the 5G or radar system in large scale environments. These include dynamic in-home scenarios or road scenes where interactions between the antenna and objects in the environment are strong and can affect received signal characteristics.


Jason Bommer is a Senior Application Engineer with ANSYS, Inc. providing technical support to ANSYS customers in the application of our high frequency electromagnetic (EM) and RF system cosite modeling software packages to their challenges. Jason holds a BS degree in Physics from the University of New Orleans and a Master's in Applied Physics from the University of Washington in Seattle. He has over 20 years of experience developing and applying computational electromagnetic tools to a wide variety of high frequency problems across multiple industries. Prior to ANSYS, Jason served as a sales and application engineer with Delcross Technologies (acquired by ANSYS in 2015), and as an electromagnetics engineer with Boeing Research and Technology, where he supported multiple programs in the defense, space and commercial business units. He has applied computational tools to a wide array of problems including in-cabin wireless communications, wireless sensors, lightning protection, and EMI/EMC analysis for unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites. He has an extensive background in aircraft testing including avionics vulnerability assessment and RF propagation. He holds publications and patents in sensors, energy harvesting and nondestructive inspection techniques.