SystemX presents "The Investment Landscape for Quantum Computing"

The Investment Landscape for Quantum Computing
Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 4:30pm
Zoom ID: 920 2334 9868; +passcode
Tomer Diari (Bessemer Venture Partners)
Abstract / Description: 

As we map out the frontiers of innovation, quantum computing (QC) looms large as possibly the most important scientific invention of the 21st century. QC upends what we thought to be fundamental principles of computer science, promising to execute entirely new classes of algorithms beyond the practical capabilities of conventional computers. The technology was initially explored in the 1980s when, at a series of lectures at MIT and Caltech, Berkeley Professor Paul Benioff defined the concept of a quantum circuit, and Richard Feynman floated the basic model for building such a computer. The technology had struggled to mature throughout the last few decades, but has started accelerating the recent years. In this talk, we will explore the current landscape of commercial entities pursuing the development of quantum computers and ponder on how they might change the future.


Tomer Diari is a Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners, where he focuses on technology infrastructure and leads the firm's investment practice in Quantum Computing. Earlier this year, he led the Series C financing of Rigetti Computing and currently serves on its board. Tomer has a rich background in engineering and has spent 8 years in various R&D roles prior to joining Bessemer in 2016.