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System Solutions that Enable Ubiquitous Adoption of Solar Energy

System Solutions that Enable Ubiquitous Adoption of Solar Energy
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm
540-108, Blume Earthquake Center
Nagendra Cherukupalli (SunEdison)
Abstract / Description: 

The talk focuses on system solutions that are beginning to transform the solar industry. In particular, I would like to highlight a number of system level solutions my group was responsible for at SunEdison. These solutions touch all the key segments of the solar market.

  • In the utility space, it is all about mitigating intermittency and improving generation efficiency
  • For the commercial market it is about deployment efficiency and monitoring the production
  • For the residential market the need is for efficient integration of PV and energy storage
  • In the case of off-grid systems to serve the rural and remote populations with limited or no access to electricity, providing low cost firm power solutions become necessary

I will review some of these solutions and the engineering challenges we face to make solar adoption ubiquitous as well as point out opportunities for innovation.


Nagendra Cherukupalli is the Vice President and CTO at SunEdison. His responsibility includes envisioning new energy products and delivering them to the solar industry. At SunEdison, under his stewardship, the R&D team delivered a cost-efficient single-axis-tracker, solar water pump portfolio, hybrid controller for fuel abatement, 24x7 monitoring and management software, design automation software for roof-top and ground mount solar systems, and micro-inverter technology. With a broad skillset in battery technologies, power electronics, structures, trackers, software and systems, he is excited about creating new energy products and solutions for the renewable energy industry.

Nagendra holds a Master's and Ph.D., degrees in Computer Science from IIT, Chicago and attended the Stanford Executive Program in 2010.