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Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics presents "On the Entropy of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge"

On the Entropy of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Monday, April 13, 2020 - 2:00pm
Herman Verlinde (Princeton)
Abstract / Description: 

We propose a new link between entropy and area: an eternal black hole with an ER bridge with cross-section A can carry quantum information, or be in a mixed state, with entropy S ≤ A/4GN . We provide evidence for our proposal in the context of AdS3 and JT gravity, by using the Island prescription and replica wormhole method for computing the Renyi entropy. We argue that a typical two sided black hole is described by a 'thermo-mixed double' state with only classical correlations between the two sides. Our reasoning suggests that an ER wormhole acts like a topological quantum memory, similar to the toric code.

Zoom id: 165-492-015 (Please note that this is a recurring id, valid till May 11.)