Spring 2019 Sparks: Sustainable Impact Series presents "Bringing Your Product to Market"

Bringing Your Product to Market
Monday, May 13, 2019 - 6:30pm
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Grayson Zulauf (Stanford) and Bushra Bataineh (Mawa Modular)
Abstract / Description: 

Nick Azpiroz, Co-Founder & CEO, Kukua Labs and Eric Reynolds Brubaker, Co-Founder, Kukua Labs and Will Harvey, Co-Founder & Head of Technology, ClearMetal and Diego Canales, Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, ClearMetal

Nick Azpiroz, Eric Reynolds Brubaker, Will Harvey and Diego Canales will lead a 90-minute hands-on skills-building workshop. Azpiroz and Brubaker are co-founders of Kukua Labs, which is developing at-home energy efficient chicken incubators designed to work with home-solar systems in Tanzania. Harvey and Canales co-founded ClearMetal, a predictive intelligence platform that helps streamline the global shipping industry while reducing fossil fuel emissions.