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Special Seminar: Integrated Measurement and Modeling for Performance and Power

Integrated Measurement and Modeling for Performance and Power
Friday, June 3, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Gates 104
Dr. Adolfy Hoisie (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Abstract / Description: 

In this presentation we will describe methodologies for integrated measurement and modeling of power and performance for extreme scale systems and applications. Methodologies to be considered, being developed in the recently formed Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation (CENATE), are practical, accurate, and allow for the possibility of addressing the problem for full systems and applications. A particular emphasis will be placed on applying validated models to a variety of design and optimization uses for computing at extreme-scale.


Dr. Adolfy Hoisie is a Laboratory Fellow and Chief Scientist for Computing at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Prior to that, he was at the Los Alamos National Laboratory , where he served in a variety of scientific and leadership positions, including as the Director of the Center for Advanced Architectures and Usable Supercomputing (CAAUS) , and the Leader of the Computer Science for High-Performance Computing Group which includes the Performance and Architecture Lab (PAL). He is an internationally recognized expert in performance analysis and engineering of large-scale parallel computing systems and applications. He is a winner of the Gordon Bell Award in 1996, and of many other awards for technical and teaching excellence. He served extensively in the HPC community in a variety of capacities, such as conference organizer (e.g., Technical Program Chair at SC'08), editorial board member, committees, panels, and advisory boards. Adolfy published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature, including 3 books. He was the PI on numerous grants from ASCR, NNSA, DARPA, NSF, others.