Software-centric Visible Light Communication for the Internet of Things [EE380 Computer Systems]

Software-centric Visible Light Communication for the Internet of Things
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 4:30pm
Gates B03
Tom Gross (ETH Zurich)
Abstract / Description: 

Visible Light Communication (VLC) based on LEDs for light emission and reception can be realized using simple components, delegating many of the "hard" problems to software. We present a software-centric approach that supports networking a wide range of devices -- devices that include only simple single LEDs (such as wearables, toys, consumer electronics) as well as LED light bulbs that run Linux and provide a VLC communication fabric (room-area network). One of the benefits of the software-centric approach is easy integration into distributed applications - a necessary condition for a pervasive communication infrastructure for the Internet of Things that requires a wide range of services (localization, time, authentication, etc).

Joint work with Stefan Mangold (Lovefield Wireless, Inc.) and Stefan Schmid (ETH Zurich).


Thomas Gross has been a PI or co-PI of various research grants and contracts. Recent projects, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, include the "Datacenter Observatory", a joint EPFL-ETH Zurich-USI project to support system-level research and teaching, and a collaboration with USI on novel approaches for dynamic program analysis.