Soft costs in PV installations

Soft costs in PV installations
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 4:15pm to 5:30pm
540-108 (Blume Earthquake Center)
Kareem Dabbagh (Aurora Solar)
Abstract / Description: 

BoS components are a necessary part of PV systems and can make or break your bottom line. As costs of hardware like modules and inverters has come down in recent years, the industry has shifted to a heavy focus on reducing 'soft costs', part of which includes optimizing BoS component design and selection to improve operational efficiency. Much of the design and optimization of BoS components can be automated using software platforms like Aurora. The future potential in the solar industry to improve operational efficiency, reduce soft costs, and lower the overall turnkey costs of installing PV systems is enormous. This will continue to drive out fossil fuels and traditional energy with clean and efficient renewable power systems.


Kareem holds a bachelor's degree in physics from New Mexico Tech, and recently completed a European master degree in renewable energy engineering. Kareem started his career in solar at SolarCity in 2007, where he managed the residential engineering team for 3 years while also working on commercial system design. In 2011, he joined Sunrun to oversee PV system design and installation best practices for all Sunrun partners, as well as manage Sunrun's supply chain and equipment strategy. Kareem is currently working with Aurora Solar to create cloud-based PV sales and engineering software.