SmartGrid Seminar presents "New Hope for Smart Meter Data Analytics"

New Hope for Smart Meter Data Analytics
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 111
Steve Schmidt (Home Energy Analytics (HEA))
Abstract / Description: 

The deployment of smart meters throughout California a decade ago resulted in a host of startups with ideas to leverage the new wealth of data to reduce energy consumption and customer bills. But few if any profitable businesses emerged. More recently, new state legislation and regulatory changes support a "pay for performance" approach to energy efficiency that holds great promise for innovative data analytics. This talk will focus on the opportunity, HEA's participation, and the remaining barriers. needs, without needing reformulations of existing scheduling approaches, and therefore to be able to use them in actual system operation.


Steve Schmidt is Founder and COO of Home Energy Analytics (HEA), the first company hired by PG&E to provide a new type of data-driven energy efficiency program. HEA's HomeIntel is offered at nocost to residential homeowners and renters. Once a climate change denier, Steve has been dedicated to fighting climate change for the past decade. Steve has engineering and business degrees from Stanford.