SmartGrid Seminar: Increasing Power Grid Resiliency for Adverse Conditions & the Role of Renewable Energy Resources and Microgrids

Increasing Power Grid Resiliency for Adverse Conditions & the Role of Renewable Energy Resources and Microgrids
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 111
Professor Nicholas Abi-Samra (University of California, San Diego)
Abstract / Description: 

System resiliency is the number 1 concern for electrical utilities in 2018 according to the CEO of the PJM, the nation's largest independent system operator. This talk will offer insights and practical answers through examples, of how power grids can be affected by weather and how countermeasures, such microgrids, can be applied to mitigate them. It will focus on two major events; Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Maria, and the role of renewable energy resources and microgrids in these two natural disasters. It will discuss the role of microgrids in blackstarting the power grid after a blackout.


Nicholas Abi-Samra is an Adjunct Professor at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as well a Senior Technical Director at WorleyParsons Inc. At UCSD he developed and teaches several upper level courses in power systems, such as: Renewable Energy Resource, Best Practices in Emerging Power Grids, Real-World Power Grid Operation, Power Systems Phenomena, Power Systems Resiliency for Adverse Conditions, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage Systems for Power Grid.

Across his 40 years of experience in the industry, he has achieved the highest technical positions at the companies that he was affiliated with, such as Westinghouse Fellow and EPRI Senior Technical Executive. He also was in senior executive positions at some of the leading companies, such as EPRI (Senior Technical Director), Quanta-Technology (Vice President) and DN GL (previously KEMA), where he was the Senior Vice President, responsible for the power electrical transmission and distribution activities in the Americas. Nick is a recognized subject matter expert in several fields such as: failure analysis/root cause investigation on electrical systems, system disturbances and blackouts, grid modernization, system resiliency and protection, transmission & distribution system planning and analysis, and distributed energy resources. He was the General Chair & Technical Program Coordinator of the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy General Meeting. He has 100+ industry publications including his recently published textbook and handbook, Power Grid Resiliency For Adverse Conditions (endorsed by IEEE and NERC). He completed his doctorate at Carnegie-Mellon University.