SmartGrid Seminar

Computing for Electric Grid Planning and Design
Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Y2E2 111
John Grosh (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Abstract / Description: 

The electric grid is seeing unprecedented change. New mandates for higher levels of renewable generation, distributed energy resources, cyber security, etc. are introducing increasing levels of complexity for grid planning and engineering. These changes are exceeding capabilities of today's modeling and analysis tools by utilities, ISOs, regulators, and vendors to support critical decisions for investment, engineering, and policy development. This 'technology gap' in tools represents an exciting opportunity for research in advanced computing and modeling methods. New approaches in high performance computing, numerical methods, computer science, and data analytics will greatly enhance grid stakeholders ability to predict and optimize evolutions of the electric grid. In this talk, the speaker will discuss new research in planning and design tools in DOE, gaps in tools technologies, and the role of advanced computing in developing next generation planning and design tools.


About the SmartGrid Seminar: 
Our speakers will discuss exciting new ideas and technologies that are changing the electricity industry. The theme of the seminar series is on smart grids and energy systems, with speakers from academic institutions and industry. The hour-long seminars, including ample time for discussion, are held at 1:30 pm every Thursday. Open to all Stanford students, faculty and staff.


John Grosh is the Deputy Associate Director in the Computation Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), responsible for the development of new research in advanced computing for national and energy security. In addition, he is the lab lead for electric grid research and also serves as the DOE lab team leader for planning and design tools under the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium. Previously, he led research in computer science, computational mathematics and science as the Director for the Center for Applied Scientific Computing. Prior to joining LLNL in 2006, Mr. Grosh worked in the Department of Defense for twenty years in various research and development leadership roles, including high performance computing, modeling and simulation, and cyber security.