SmartGrid Seminar

Integration of Energy Storage into the Microgrid at the University of California – San Diego
Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 300
William Torre (University of California San Diego)
Abstract / Description: 

The flagship microgrid at UC San Diego (UCSD) is the most often cited microgrid within CA given the fact that it is the largest, most diversified microgrid at 42 MW and self generates 85% of its own electricity on an annual basis. Because of the unique testing capability on the UCSD microgrid, and experience with testing energy storage, UCSD was recently chosen by ARPAe to conduct economic valuation and testing of some of the most advanced energy storage systems under real world market conditions. The presentation will also include an overview of the unique economic valuation of ARPAe advanced energy storage systems and how testing protocols have been developed that will simulate how energy storage will operate in modern wholesale markets, including stacked applications. UCSD has developed battery-testing capability for both laboratory and grid connected conditions. This allows testing in a controlled isolated laboratory environment, as well as testing in grid connected conditions where the interaction of the energy storage systems with the grid connected devices can be observed and evaluated. Multiple test stands have been developed for both laboratory and grid connected conditions, allowing parallel testing to place of multiple battery energy storage systems. UCSD has developed charge/discharge profiles and duty cycles for energy storage that represent five use cases for energy storage applications using real time and day ahead wholesale and retail energy market data. The testing apparatus is capable of producing loading conditions and duty cycles representing these use cases. This approach allows achieving test results that represent a wide spectrum of use applications and allow determination of energy storage systems performance under a variety of conditions and allow identification of specific applications that specific battery chemistry and good battery configurations.


William Torre serves as University of California San Diego Program Director of Energy Storage and Systems with oversight of power system research, development and testing of advanced energy storage systems, and integration of renewable energy systems. In November 2011, he retired from San Diego Gas and Electric Co. (SDG&E) after 30 years, and his last assignments from 2010-2012 were as SDG&E's Manager of Research and Development, Manager of Technology Innovation and Development group in Transmission & Distribution Engineering division where he led the installation of several energy storage projects as part of the SDG&E smart grid program. From 2008 – 2010 held the position of Chief Engineer at SDG&E, and provided Engineering oversight and coordination for all engineering. Relevant to the value streams from distributed generation associated with the T&D issues from the decommissioning of SONGS, he served from 1996 to 2008 as SDG&E's Manager of Transmission Engineering & Design where he managed 27 engineers and designers for engineering all overhead and underground transmission lines for the SDG&E's service territory. From Jan, 1981 - June, 1988; Adjunct Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Initiated the successful power engineering program at SDSU.