SmartGrid Seminar

Security Trends and Challenges for the Smart Grid
Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Y2E2 300
Galen Rasche (Electric Power Research Institute)
Abstract / Description: 

Cyber and physical security are critical priorities for electric power utilities. The increasing complexity of the electrical grid and the growing sophistication of attackers drive the need for strong cyber security in all domains of the electric sector. It is a threat that is global in nature and affects every utility, from large state-owned utilities down to small co-ops. This seminar will review ongoing research in protective measures, threat and incident management, and situational awareness for the electric sector. It will also identify current research gaps that must be addressed to support the resiliency of the next-generation grid.


SmartGrid Seminar Winter 2016: Our speakers will discuss exciting new ideas and technologies that are changing the electricity industry. The theme of the seminar series is on smart grids and energy systems, with speakers from academic institutions and industry. The hour-long seminars, including ample time for discussion, are held at 1:00 pm or 1:15 pm approximately every Thursday.


Galen Rasche is a Senior Program Manager in the Power Delivery and Utilization (PDU) Sector at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), managing the Cyber Security and Privacy Program. This program performs applied research in the areas of protective measures, managing threats, and information assurance. Additionally, he is responsible for coordinating the cyber security research across the PDU Sector, Generation Sector, and Nuclear Sector. He is experienced in the areas of cyber security, Smart Grid security and the penetration testing of embedded systems. He is also the CIGRE U.S. National Committee Study Committee D2 representative.