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Smart Grid Seminar: Vehicle Grid Integration

Vehicle Grid Integration
Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 111
Karim Farhat (Pacific Gas & Electric Company)
Abstract / Description: 

Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) is the umbrella-concept that encompasses managed charging of electric vehicles (V1G) as well as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) solutions. As more electric vehicles hit the road inCalifornia, PG&E has been leading industry efforts to better clarify and articulate the scope, need, and value of VGI. This talk provides an overview of PG&E's activities in the VGI space, focusing on a recently developed market framework that identifies hundreds of potential VGI use-cases and help quantify their value. Dr. Farhat will also share findings from two of PG&E's VGI pilots: the ChargeForward pilot in collaboration with BMW North America, and the School Bus Renewable Integration pilot with PittsburghUnified School District.


We invite you to join us in this quarter's Stanford Smart Grid Seminar. The theme of the seminar series is on smart grids and energy systems, scheduled for Thursdays, and with speakers from academic institutions and industry. The seminar room is Room 111 in Y2E2 Building.

The speakers are renowned scholars or industry experts in power and energy systems. We believe they will bring novel insights and fruitful discussions to Stanford. This seminar is offered as a 1 unit seminar course, CEE 272T/EE292T. Interested students can take this seminar course for credit by completing a project based on the topics presented in this course. Please discuss with the faculty in charge before signing up for credit.

Smart Grid Seminar Organization Team:

  • Ram Rajagopal, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Electrical Engineering
  • Liang Min, Managing Director, Bits and Watts Initiative
  • Chin-Woo Tan, Director, Stanford Smart Grid Lab
  • Mohammad Rasouli, Postdoctoral Scholar, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Karim Farhat leads PG&E's efforts on Vehicle Grid Integration(VGI) strategy, policy, and implementation, within the IntegratedGrid Planning and Innovation (IGPI) team. He has more than a decade experience in electric mobility, distributed energy resources, and clean fuels. Within his current role, Dr. Farhat covers both smart managed charging (V1G) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). He joined PG&Efrom The Boston Consulting Group, where he worked with a range of global energy clients. During his graduate studies, he was a Fellow at the Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, and he led several projects and initiatives at SunEdison, ShellTechnology Ventures, and Shell Future Energy Technologies. Dr. Farhat holds a PhD in Management Science and Engineering and anMS in Energy Resources Engineering from Stanford University, and a BS in Chemical Engineering fromTexas A&M University. Among other recognitions and awards, Dr. Farhat was named a top utility innovator in the 2019 PUF's "Fortnightly Under 40" list.