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Smart Grid Seminar: IoT, Smart Microgrid

IoT, Smart Microgrid
Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 1:30pm
Malini Bhandaru (VMWare)
Abstract / Description: 

Transforming the grid to a Smart Grid requires real time sensing, of energy producers, consumers, stored capacity in batteries, weather conditions, and more, essential to develop usage models, and anticipate need. Along with the ability to take 'action' such as bringing online cleaner sources of power and curbing demand we can help smooth load peaks. In this talk we introduce the open source project EdgeX Foundry and its viability to deliver a secure, extensible, endpoint to collect real time data, develop models, and control devices. Data processing at the edge while reducing network bandwidth needs, reduces response latency, and helps preserve data privacy. We illustrate this in the context of VMware's on-campus electric vehicle charging facility. We conclude by sharing our longer term goals of developing and controlling hierarchical composite device models and introduce open source project Kinney.

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Dr. Malini Bhandaru leads open source IoT and Edge efforts at VMWare. She first worked on IoT long before it was called as such, delivering a remote monitoring and management system for deeply embedded devices with no public IP address. Over the span of two decades, at companies such as Intel, Verizon, Nuance, and various start-ups, she has worked on autonomous vehicles, open source cloud software, processor power and performance, machine learning and AI, and early web applications. She holds ten plus patents. She is passionate about STEM education, encouraging Women in Technology, and gardening.