Seminar: Energy is a commodity

Energy is a commodity
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 4:15pm to 5:30pm
540-108, Blume Earthquake Center
Somnath Nag (Founder and CEO, NuevoPower)
Abstract / Description: 

Energy, water and waste management will be the 3 big challenges that our kids' generation will be grappling with in the next 3 decades. Already, the voracious energy appetite of the fast-rising economies of developing countries overshadows the global power generation capabilities. What are the possible solutions? How is commoditized solar power being made available to the millions in these rising nations? What are the challenges? Is this problem limited to only those with low affordability? These are some of the topics we will discuss during this lecture.


Somnath has over 23 years of experience in the semiconductor device manufacturing and equipment industries. He received his B.Tech from IIT-Bombay and later a Ph.D. in Solid State Science from Penn State University where he specialized in Silicon Technology and Devices. He started his career at Texas Instruments as a process engineer in integrated circuit technology development at the Houston manufacturing fab and later at the corporate lab in Dallas. Subsequently, he spent several years doing process, integration and process equipment development at companies such as Watkins-Johnson, Novellus Systems and Applied Materials. He spent the last several years in the solar industry where he co-founded two ventures, developed the product and built them up to operating companies. Dr. Nag has over 40 patents and several publications in the area of electronic, optical and photovoltaic technology.

Somnath has been a part of 5 start-ups, of which he founded 3, none of which have made it big..yet. But he's still hopeful!! However, this has given him invaluable learning that comes only from having done it and taken the hard knocks. He spent the last couple of years in India and Africa building the market for "bad-grid" solar. He would like to share with you his journey through the evolution of the solar world as it went from being the power source for space vehicles to being a commodity for the power-starved masses