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SCIEN and EE292E present "A fundamentally new sensing approach for high-level autonomous driving"

A fundamentally new sensing approach for high-level autonomous driving
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 4:30pm
Packard 101
Albert Stochino (Founder and CEO of Perceptive, Inc.)
Abstract / Description: 

It has been fifteen years since Stanford won the DARPA Grand Challenge. Since then, a new race is underway in the automotive industry to fulfill the ultimate mobility dream: driverless vehicles for all. Trying to elevate test track vehicles to automotive grade products has been a humbling experience for everyone. The mainstream approach has relied primarily on brute force for both hardware and software. Sensors in particular have become overly complex and unscalable in response to escalating hardware requirements. To reverse this trend, Perceptive has been developing a fundamentally new sensing platform for fully autonomous vehicles. Based on Digital Remote Imaging and Edge AI, the platform shifts the complexity to the software and scales with the compute. This talk will discuss the system architecture and underlying physics.


Alberto Stochino is the founder and CEO of Perceptive, Inc.. He received his PhD from the University of Pisa, Italy for his work at Caltech and MIT on the LIGO gravitational wave detectors. After graduate school, his research focused on high precision metrology for space applications at the Australian National University (NASA’s GRACE Follow-on gravimetry mission) and at Stanford’s HEPL laboratory (molecular clocks for NASA) with Prof. Robert Byer and Prof. John Lipa. He later joined Apple to work on autonomous technology until he founded Perceptive in 2018.