Practical uses of mixed reality in a manufacturing workflow
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm
Packard 101
Nicholas Frushour (Canon Mixed Reality)
Abstract / Description: 

There are strong use-cases for augmented and mixed reality outside of entertainment. One particularly practical use is in the manufacturing industry. It's an industry with well-established workflows and product cycles, but also known problems and pinch-points. In this talk, we will walk through each step of the Product Lifecycle Management workflow and discuss how mixed reality is helping manufacturers each step of the way. We will also cover the background of mixed reality and the key differences between AR, MR, and VR.

After the talk, there will be a demo: The Canon MREAL System enables designers and engineers to review and interact with CAD designs. 3D designs can be viewed from any angle – including creating a cross section view for advanced visualization and design assessment.


Nicholas Frushour is a software engineer at Canon and has been working with mixed reality for over 3 years.

Michael Carney is a Visualization Consultant specializing in Mixed Reality at Canon USA. He is proficient in not only the technology of New Media but the culture in which it is immersed, how it is used, and the direction in which trends are heading. He is now applying Mixed Reality conventions to enterprise use cases, such as Design and Manufacturing, High Risk Training and Education.