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The Role of Demand & Storage in an Integrated Energy System [SmartGrid]

The Role of Demand & Storage in an Integrated Energy System
Thursday, January 19, 2017 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 300
Mark O’Malley (University College Dublin)
Abstract / Description: 

As energy systems have evolved from small isolated single energy vector systems into continental scale integrated energy systems the supply demand balance principle is a fundamental law underpinning and shaping their evolution. In an integrated energy system, supply demand balance, is across energy vectors (e.g. fuels, heat, and electricity), across scales/infrastructure (e.g. gas, heat, electricity networks) with and/or without storage capability and with all the consequential losses. In particular the demand side in an integrated energy system is no longer seen as a single energy vector consuming entity but rather as an entity that potentially can derive an energy service from a choice of energy vectors (e.g. hybrid cars), can self-supply (e.g. photovoltaic), can supply others and can store energy for later use. This trend is gaining traction but the direction of travel and the end result is very unclear. The component parts of this uncertainty are regulatory, economic, political and technological. Here the potential role in particular of demand and/or storage in a future integrated energy system is explored with some research results. The need for a more comprehensive, inter disciplinary, international and collaborative research and demonstration programme is highlighted and will be illustrated by reference to the Real Value project.


About the SmartGrid Seminar:

Our speakers will discuss exciting new ideas and technologies that are changing the electricity industry. The theme of the seminar series is on smart grids and energy systems, with speakers from academic institutions and industry. The hour-long seminars, including ample time for discussion, are held at 1:30 pm every Thursday. Open to all Stanford students, faculty and staff.


Mark O'Malley, is the Professor of Electrical Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD), founding Director of the Electricity Research Centre and Director of the UCD Energy Institute, a multidisciplinary, multi institutional, industry supported research activity. He is a Member of the Royal Irish Academy and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Mark is recognized as a world authority on Energy Systems Integration and in particular Grid Integration of Renewable Energy. He has active research collaborations in Europe, the United States (US) and China, is Director and co-founder of the International Institute for Energy Systems Integration, and coordinator of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme in Energy Systems Integration.