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QFARM Quantum Seminar Series presents "Millimeter-wave photons for quantum science"

Millimeter-wave photons for quantum science
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 12:00pm
Zoom meeting ID: 987 676 025; password required
Aziza Suleymanzade (University of Chicago)
Abstract / Description: 

Millimeter-wave frequencies (30-300GHz) provide a promising platform for quantum information technology at less explored but potentially beneficial length and energy scales. In this talk, I will discuss the advantages of the mm-wave band and describe our hybrid quantum system for entangling and inter-converting single mm-wave and optical photons using Rydberg atoms as mediators. I will go over our experimental progress and potential applications of our system for frequency transduction and quantum nonlinear photonics. To conclude, I will describe some applications of mm-wave photons we have explored for 2D nonlinear devices, photonic crystals, and twisted mm-wave Fabry-Perot cavities.


Harvard University, AB, Cum Laude in Physics; University of Cambridge, MPhil Physics - as a Lionel de Jersey Harvard-Cambridge scholar, worked in Zoran Hadzibabich's lab "Ultracold atoms experiments for trapping potassium 39 atoms in an optical box potential.
- University of Chicago, PhD Physics
- Past NSF MRSEC Graduate Fellow, current Josephine de Karman Fellow, working with Jon Simon and David Schuster on "Engineering strong interactions between optical and millimeter-wave photons using Rydberg atoms"