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Q-Farm Quantum Seminar Series presents "Quantum Gravity in the Lab"

Quantum Gravity in the Lab
Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 12:00pm
Remote only
Stefan Leichenauer, X (formerly Google X)
Abstract / Description: 
The trend of theoretical advances in AdS/CFT suggests that quantum gravity is broadly applicable as an effective description of chaotic many-body physics. Experimental realizations of such systems are now coming online, with more progress expected in the next few years. We can and should use tools of quantum gravity to describe the physics of these experiments. I will sketch one possible experiment exhibiting nontrivial behavior which, though perfectly understandable in hindsight using conventional methods, is motivated entirely by the physics of wormholes.

Live Broadcast and Recorded (no in-person meeting) - Zoom Link:

Stefan got his PhD in high energy theoretical physics from UC Berkeley, and was a postdoc at Caltech and UC Berkeley. His primary research topics were AdS/CFT and quantum field theory, especially in the dynamics of entanglement entropy, along with work in cosmology and statistical mechanics. After leaving academia he entered the quantum computing industry, and is currently a research scientist leading the quantum technologies team at X (formerly Google X). Current research interests include applications of tensor networks and near-term uses of quantum computers.