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Q-Farm Quantum Seminar Series

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 12:00pm
Physics/Astrophysics (Varian II) Building, Room 102/103
Anna Stockklauser
Abstract / Description: 

Anna will give an overview of the process we use to model and design large-scale superconducting quantum circuits at Rigetti. I will introduce the different stages of the iterative design flow focusing on our modeling approach which combines classical lumped-element circuit models with circuit quantization to calculate the lossy eigenmodes of the system. Using this circuit theoretic technique, we studied multiplexed qubit readout schemes for scalable circuit architectures, for example coupling multiple resonators to a single Purcell filter to protect the qubit from radiative decay channels. I will present our findings on loss and mode hybridization as a function of the Purcell filter geometry and coupling capacitances.


Anna is leading the Quantum Circuit Design Team at Rigetti Computing where she has worked since 2018. During her PhD in Physics at ETH Zurich she developed a hybrid circuit QED system coupling semiconductor quantum dots to superconducting SQUID array resonators. Anna holds a BSc in Physics from ETH Zurich and did a MSc in Physics at ETH Zurich and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.