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Q-FARM presents "Topological error correction in linear optical quantum computing"

Topological error correction in linear optical quantum computing
Monday, May 11, 2020 - 11:05am to 12:05pm
Zoom id: 987-676-025
Naomi Nickerson (PsiQuantum)
Abstract / Description: 

In linear optical quantum computing qubits do not fundamentally interact, and yet via measurement complex entanglement can be constructed to implement quantum error corrected computation via topological codes. As a hardware platform for quantum computation linear optics offers unique flexibility in the options for building up topological error correcting schemes. Some interesting examples are the long range connectivity which is straightforward in a photonic architecture, and the ability to move qubits around in temporal as well as spatial dimensions. I will give an overview of quantum computing with silicon photonics and demonstrate how these physical features of the photonic approach can inspire novel schemes for fault tolerance.

Naomi Nickerson is a theoretical physicist based in Palo Alto. She currently leads the fault tolerance team at PsiQuantum, working towards silicon photonic quantum computing . Naomi's research is focused on designing architectures for fault tolerant quantum computing.