Q-FARM presents "Continuous variables quantum complex networks"

Continuous variables quantum complex networks
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 12:00pm
Prof Valentina Parigi (Sorbonne Université)
Abstract / Description: 

Experimental procedures based on optical frequency combs and parametric processes produce quantum states of light involving large numbers of spectro-temporal modes that can be mapped and analyzed in terms of quantum complex networks. The protocols enable the implementation of reconfigurable entanglement structures that can go beyond the regular geometry of cluster states and implement graphs with more complex topology. Quantum complex networks, mimicking real-world structures, can then be explored to study tailored quantum communication and information protocols. When non-Gaussian statistics is induced in such quantum systems, they are hard to benchmark theoretically and hard to experimentally reconstruct. I will show theoretical benchmarks based on complex network theory and machine learning technique for experimental detection of Wigner negativity.

BIO: Valentina Parigi is Associate Professor at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in Sorbonne Université, Paris. She is currently working to the implementation of complex quantum networks in a multi-mode continuous-variables setting as the principal investigator of a project supported by ERC Consolidator Grant. Her interests range from the foundations of quantum mechanics to the experimental implementation of basic tools for quantum information technologies. She has explored quantum states generation and manipulation via optical non-linear materials, cold Rydberg ensembles and atomic quantum memories. She won CNRS Bronz Medal.