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The Program in Science, Technology & Society presents "Covid-19, Racism, and Health Disparities"

image of prof Evelynn Hammonds
Race in Science: Covid-19, Racism, and Health Disparities
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 4:00pm
Prof. Evelynn Hammonds (Harvard)
Abstract / Description: 

A weekly lecture series exploring the intersections of race, racism, and scientific practice.

Race in Science: Covid-19, Racism, and Health Disparities


Professor Evelynn M. Hammonds is the Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science and Professor of African and African American Studies. She has been on the Harvard faculty 16 years. She earned her Ph.D. in the Department of the History of Science at Harvard and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. She has an undergraduate degree in physics from Spelman College and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. She earned the S.M. in Physics from MIT. Her research focuses on the history of scientific, medical and socio-political concepts of race and gender in the United States. At Harvard she currently serves on the university-wide committee to examine the university's relationship to slavery. She also works on projects to improve the representation of men and women of color in STEM fields. She was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2018.