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The Present and Future of Cross-border Entrepreneurship Between South Korea and the U.S.

The Present and Future of Cross-border Entrepreneurship Between South Korea and the U.S.
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 4:30pm
Skilling Auditorium
Abstract / Description: 

"Entrepreneurship in Asian High-Tech Industries" Spring Seminars

Panelists: Bryan Jin, Business Operations Manager of Yosemite X, and Sangyong Jung, Co-Founder and CEO of Upple Inc.

Bryan Jin is the finance manager and the lead product designer at Yosemite X. Immediately after earning his BA in economics from UC Berkeley in 2013, Bryan was the first employee to join the company's founder YT Kim and two blockchain core engineers. He was deeply involved in product development and led product marketing functions for the company's release of its groundbreaking, first-ever public blockchain without a native cryptocurrency. Bryan is currently working on building enterprise adoption of Yosemite Public Blockchain.

Sangyong Jung is a serial entrepreneur, UX designer and a full-stack developer. After studying business administration in college and HCI in graduate school for his Master's degree, in 2015 he founded Sentbe, a fintech international money transfer service. He stepped down to become an advisor for Sentbe in 2018, and went on to found a new startup called Upple. Upple is a company that connects Korean graphic designers and global clients from rest of the world.