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MSE Colloquium presents "A 2020 Vision for Programmable Quantum Materials"

A 2020 Vision for Programmable Quantum Materials
Friday, February 14, 2020 - 3:00pm
McCullough Building Room 115
Dmitri N. Basov (Columbia University)
Abstract / Description: 

Novel quantum phases with controllable properties are essential for new electronic and photonic functionalities. Quantum materials offer particularly appealing opportunities for the implementation of on-demand quantum phases. In this talk I will overview recent efforts to discover, characterize and deploy quantum materials controllable by light, gating, and nano-mechanical manipulation, effectively programming their properties. I will focus on several new experiments: i) ultra-fast control of exciton-polaritons and plasmon-polaritons in van der Waals semiconductors and ii) edge state conduction in twisted multi-layers of graphene. I will also discuss our recent advances with multi-messenger nano-imaging: a scanning probe approach for correlating in time and space images produced by diverse contrast mechanisms and carrying complementary massages about the studied phenomena [Nature Materials (in press 2020)].


Dmitri N. Basov (PhD 1991) is a Higgins professor in the Department of Physics at Columbia University [], the Director of the DOE Energy Frontiers Research Center on Programmable Quantum Materials and co-director of Max Planck Society – New York Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena. He has served as a professor (1997-2016) and Chair (2010-2015) of Physics, University of California San Diego. Research interests include: physics of quantum materials, superconductivity, two-dimensional materials, infrared nano-optics. Prizes and awards: Sloan Fellowship (1999), Genzel Prize (2014), Humboldt research award (2009), Frank Isakson Prize, American Physical Society (2012), Moore Investigator (2014), K.J. Button Prize (2019), Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (U.S. Department of Defense, 2019).